Cloudbreak Discovery

A Project Generator For The Natural Resource Sectors.

Building Resources Sector Partnerships

>$5m of Partner Financed Exploration & Development


Cloudbreak Discovery PLC generates exploration/development projects and ideas for the natural resource sectors globally.  We provide a diversified approach through commodity and jurisdiction diversification with a current focus on battery and base metals.  The experienced team of corporate and technical professionals seeks partnerships with explorers and developers to advance the assets and ideas Cloudbreak generates.  These partnerships build value through retained equity and royalties giving Cloudbreak “discovery” exposure while reducing single asset exploration risk.

16 Projects Under Partnership

Our strategy optimizes each opportunity through partnership with competent operators, enabling us to build a project portfolio, while diversifying risk both by commodity and jurisdiction.

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Cloudbreak Projects

  • Base, Bulk and Specialty Metals
  • Metals to Support the Electrification Revolution
  • Commodities that Support a Greener Economy

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