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A leading London listed royalty company and natural resources project generator

Energy Project Portfolio and Royalty Partnerships


Cloudbreak Discovery PLC is a leading energy project generator and royalty business. Cloudbreak is focused on energy royalty acquisitions with the aim of bringing near-term cashflow and driving shareholder value. Its primary operating jurisdiction is the United States, but the Company also deploys its project generation model in the international energy sector to acquire minority interests in projects of merit.

Through its wholly owned but independently operated subsidiary, Cloudbreak Exploration Inc., the Company will develop its array of mineral assets, whilst continuing to generate new projects with a particular focus on commodities key to the energy transition.

Cloudbreak’s generative model across the energy and mineral sector enables a multi-asset approach to investing and exploration. Diversification within the natural resource sector and amongst resource classes is key to withstanding the cycles of investing.

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Cloudbreak Projects

  • Resources Key to the Energy Transition
  • Base, Bulk and Specialty Metals
  • Hydrocarbons with a Focus on Gas as a Transition Element

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