Admission to Main Market and Fundraise


03 June 2021

Imperial X Plc

(“Imperial X” or the “Company”)


Imperial X Plc (LSE: CDL), a natural resource project generator, is pleased to announce that its entire issued ordinary share capital consisting of 389,565,060 ordinary shares of £0.001 will today be admitted to the Official List (by way of Standard Listing under Chapter 14 of the Listing Rules) and to trading on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market for listed securities (together, the “Admission”). Dealing will commence at 8:00 a.m. today, Thursday 3rd June 2021, under the ticker “CDL” (ISIN: GB00B44LQR57). The Company has filed an application to change its name to Cloudbreak Discoveries Plc, however, due to Covid-19 related delays, this is not expected to become effective for approximately two weeks and a further announcement will be made to confirm the change.


  • Successful £2 million fundraising at 3p per share which was oversubscribed
  • With effect from Admission, Imperial X will hold equity positions and royalties in a variety of projects in the natural resources sectors across multiple jurisdictions, primarily in North America and Africa
  • Imperial X provides European investors with a business model and range of assets which to date has been a largely untapped opportunity in Europe
  • The Directors believe the model is capable of bringing investors a high level of scalability and excellent returns while not compromising the level of risk being undertaken
  • Imperial X has the ability to pivot between commodities for the best prospects and opportunities but has a core focus on bulk, industrial and base materials and metals with an early focus on critical metals for the ongoing electrification revolution
  • The proceeds of the Fundraising will be used to pursue the Group’s immediate objective of developing its existing portfolio of assets and interests and acquiring suitable additions and provide working capital to cover ongoing annual operating costs
  • Imperial X’s business model is not constrained by geographic location or commodity, allowing it to diversify its range of assets and partners

Kyler Hardy, CEO of Imperial X Plc, commented, “Listing on the Standard Segment of the Official List represents a significant milestone for the Company. This listing offers investors first mover advantage to be a part of a project generator and royalty business model which is well established in North American capital markets but remains largely untapped across Europe.

“The Company will deploy our business model to acquire undervalued assets in the global natural resources sectors and partner them with exceptional partners. Utilising the Board and management’s technical and transactional experience across deal structures, commodities, and jurisdictions, we have the flexibility to pivot our investments to the best prospects and opportunities. Our exposure to a diverse range of commodities, across multiple jurisdictions significantly de-risks our portfolio and creates true shareholder value.

 “As we now join the Main Market, I look forward to scaling up the business through a pipeline of acquisitions. I am proud of what we have achieved in getting to this point and am excited about expanding our portfolio and providing strong returns for new and existing investors.”

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For additional information please contact:

Imperial X PLC Tel: +1 604 428 9480
Kyler Hardy,
Kyle Hookey,
Novum Securities
Financial Adviser and Broker
Tel: +44 7399 9400
David Coffman / Lucy Bowden
Colin Rowbury
(Financial PR/IR-London)
Tel: +44 207 138
Tim Blythe 
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Imperial X Plc is looking to become a leading natural resource prospect generator, working across a wide array of projects that are being developed and managed by an experienced team with a proven track record. Value accretion within the projects being developed by the new Cloudbreak generator model enables a multi asset approach to investing. Diversification within the mining sector and amongst resource classes is key to withstanding the cycles of resource investing.


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