Andrew Male

Non-Executive Director


Mr. Male is an experienced Director and Executive Officer of public and private companies in the resource and investment sectors. A former Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a TSX Venture Exchange Top 50 Company Ranked 9th, Mr. Male guided the company through the initial financing phases, project acquisitions, deployment of exploration programs, development financing, transitioning mining assets from greenfield to brownfield and the acquisition of adjacent producers and eventual sale to Private Equity. As a seasoned Director and Officer, Mr. Male has sat on a number of Boards and worked with multiple companies in varying capacities.

Presently, Mr. Male also works with several Family Offices and specific investors that seek access to an array of transformational opportunities. Presently he is a Director/Executive of a privately held gold development company in Nicaragua, an Associate of Columbus Energy Partners, an incubator and accelerator in the energy sector. Mr. Male also serves as a Director of Global UAV Technologies Ltd., World High Life plc and Clarity Gold Corp. and Managing Director of a privately held Corporate Finance and Investment entity.